Sunday, January 01, 2006


They appear constantly at every turn, or at least used to.

Short for Jesus (a.k.a. the God who became human and died for my sins so that I would have a chance at eternal life). He is just as much real to me as my friends, family, or random people I meet on the bus. Maybe even more real. He is amazing and most of all He loves me. Can't help but serve a God-man like Him.

Kuya (a.k.a. Turtle)
Significant other who stole my heart and replaced it with his. Seven years older than me, I also refer to him as my third grandpa. He has a cute accent and he loves giving me weird nicknames, like Kikay and Duckling. Mature and the model of an upright student, I love making him laugh and knowing that I make him laugh just a little bit harder.

The Used-to-be
First real love thang that ended up horribly. He is the most depressed atheist I have ever met. He loves anime and manga. He may have used me but that's just my side of the story. He dumped me because of distance and the fact that he can't handle it. Currently with his (girl) bestfriend. Which just shows that I am a genius because I really saw that coming.

The Guy
Ex that still drives me crazy at times. He dotes and spoils but we're too much a like and that's why it would never have worked in the first place. Also long distance.

Mom, Dad, Bro
Loving family who lives far far away from me and I miss them at every turn and every second of every day. All brain damage that I managed to sustain from my childhood were caused by cause that is all mine because family is too loving to damage anything. Hates rats and other flying bugs.

The group of guys that I'm hanging out with at school. Goofy boys that calls me their frat leader/mistress. Also known as the false prophets. Laughter galore every time I'm with them. They treat me, I treat them. Turtle tends to be jealous but he knows that I love him in a different way that I love these guys.

Jamomo, Nadidi, Wajojee
High school classmates that I'm still in constant communication with. They must know every aspect of my love-life, whether they like it or not. We're the ear friends and we listen to each other rant.

The College
Or school or whatever. Really it doesn't matter. It's just the place that has become my second home. This is where professors torture you with too many requirements but you can't help but like them because they are such cool teachers. The kind of teachers whom you can be friends with and invite them as witnesses to your wedding or to your child dedication or something.

The Internet Fairies
The cousins of Tinkerbell, they are the ones who control my Internet connection. I believe in their existence and give them little claps every now and then so that they don't die, just like what Peter Pan said. In exchange, they give me a stable Internet connection, though sometimes they're flaky and totally take my Internet away from me, and it is during these times I don't believe in them, just to punish them. Mwuahahaha.

Pumpkin Pies
These are my somewhat non-existent fans. I love them to tiny bits and I blog because of them. But since they're non-existent, I just pretend that they're really quiet people who support me in their silent-ness. They're also really smart and pretty and handsome and totally crazy too.

And as time goes by, the constants will grow and grow and grow till this entry is too long and people will be too bored to read further.

Lotsa love, Jana


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