Sunday, January 01, 2006


The name is Jana but you're free to call me pretty much anything you want (with full knowledge of any consequences, i.e. call me Jan the Man and you get a punch in the face). Every January 24 I take an annual step closer to death, which officially started in the year 1989. Grew up in Brunei and now living in the great Philip of Pines, the place were coups happen on a regular basis. People no longer really care, they just wonder if they can stay at home or not.

I blog on a regular basis because my brain tends to die a little bit with the passing of time and if I don't blog, how will I be able to capture the continual downward spiral that my IQ dives into? Evidence of which is my continual habit of speaking to myself a lot, to the point that once a janitor pityingly looked down on me for having caught me having a conversation with myself for the third time. The theme of the blog is to show that I am a self-proclaimed Happy Emo (though in my defense the term Emo means emotional and it never really meant sad or depressed, contrary to it's now popular use) who laughs loud enough so that people won't hear the sound of my heart breaking. Also am extremely lame and corny. I love sound trips, sleeping, eating, reading, walks on the beach park pretty much anywhere with fresh air, chocolate, surfing the net, predictable romantic comedies, violet and my family. I don't love cigarettes, alcohol and techno.

I'm a Protestant Christian and I have no protest or violent reactions about it. I'm proud to admit that I'm training to be a full-time missionary to anywhere the Guy On The Throne (a.k.a. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) sends me. I'm in love with life but I can't wait to get out here and really get home.

I am me and me is I.

Lotsa love, Jana


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