Sunday, January 01, 2006


... Also known as the Section That Shouldn't Exist Because No One Ever Asks Me Anything Anyway

Why janajee?
It was a high school nickname that started when everyone in our class wanted to add extensions to our names, turning it into a nickname that isn't short but long, defying the purpose of nicknames in the first place. Janajee was the product of this mutation. Also included are Wajojo, Nadie-dee and Jamsky.

You're crazy? So what? Everyone claims they're "insane" nowadays.
Ah yes, but my crazy is different. Instead of attributing it to factors like mutation or a parent that fell down the stairs, my craziness is all attributed to the fact that my brain dies ever millisecond and I make a point of mentioning it every now and then just in case you forget.

Well, I'm not multiple, but yes I am taken. A guy who is also a Turtle, decided that he will steal my heart and replace it with his. I've grown fond of his heart so I have no intention of returning it. He is now unfortunately stuck with my heart, but he says it's ok, he doesn't mind.

Brunei? Where's that?
Contrary to popular belief, Brunei is not somewhere in the middle east. It's not even in the same continent. Don't worry if you didn't know that though. I mean most people I talk to, really don't know. And no, Brunei is not another name for Dubai.

So how about Philip of Pines? Where or what is that?
Philip of Pines is a name that was coined by my high school best friend when we both moved to the Philippines to study in our own universities. She mentioned it once and the name made so much of an impact on me (it was funny) that I decided to use it in reference to the country of my birth.

So why do you blog?
Back then it was the popular "in" thing where everybody had a blog. Now it's because I can talk to myself freely without having janitors looking down on me because he caught me talking to myself again for the third time that day.

You're so immature, why is that?
Because life is too short to spend it with a stick up your ass.

I hope you're not offended but what happened to you? Why all the scars, man?
It's ok, I'm not offended. At age 7, my whole family and I got burnt after coming home from a family outing. I spent about two months in the hospital, a couple of days from that in ICU. Scars present in my life are both physical and emotional. I'm still waiting for the explanation on why it happened. But for now, I'm satisfied with waiting, knowing that God knows why.

Lotsa love, Jana


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