Saturday, June 17, 2006

Once again...

She sat outside the little cottage right in front of her boarding house. Darkness surrounded her as the day entered into night. She was alone again.

The stars twinkled in the sky and the soft breeze blows by, messing her hair slightly, but she couldn't care less. Who would see her anyway? She was

Her eyes were red from crying, her heart felt empty. There were just too many things on her mind, that if anyone would utter the phrase "A penny for your thought?" she would be rich from all the different thoughts going in and out, all clambering for her attention.

Her usual smile was nowhere near her lips. The laughter that her voice usually gives out was replaced with the sound of quiet sobs.

Tomorrow is going to be another day and it's coming in just few hours. Yet, the night seemed to last forever. So very long.

Tomorrow, no one will know. No will see all the tears that she cried. No one.

She won't be so alone tomorrow.

At least it won't look like she is, even though she feels like it.

Lotsa love, Jana



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