Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In need of the truth...

Look at that face.

I mean, don't I look happy in that picture? Don't I look so very happy?

My smile reached my ears sometimes.

[This picture have nothing to with me feeling totally out of place and depressed but darn it this sky is just so darn beautiful I just had to put it up.]

What I'm trying to say, is why do pictures show totally different feelings from what you are feeling inside? Your emotions are just so much different from those that shows on the pictures.

Sometimes I prefer looking at the mirror.

At least the darn mirror shows what you don't want to see. The red eyes that's been crying all night. The pimples that you try to hide because you don't sleep properly enough. The chapped lips due to the lack of moisture in your body probably-due-to-the-continuing-overflow-of-the-water-through-the-little-holes-found-you-head.

Sure you really don't want to be reminded of the things that happened, but hey at least mirrors don't lie.

At least with mirrors, you know where you bloody stand.

With pictures, you can never tell whether the person truly happy, or near the edge of losing her mind and darn-it-she-needs-some-bloody-support-right-now-do-you-bloody-hear-me?!-darn-it.

Pictures fecking lie.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger shock said...

How come i never got those pictures...?

6:31 AM 

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