Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Help me please...

Somebody help.

I think I'm drowning. Hypothetically of course, because even though I think I'm drowning, I still haven't lost the ability to think coherently and intellectually because obviously my attempt to make people believe that I'm continually decreasing in IQ is all just a conspiracy to cover my attempt to take over the whole world and therefore I realize it is impossible to drown without the presence of water as well as having the obvious presence of air around me.

But every other feeling that has to do with drowning, I think I'm feeling it. I feel so helpless (drowning - can't swim and therefore cannot do anything but feel yourself drown). I feel like someone is sucking my very breath from me (drowning - of course it would be the very person drowning that is sucking her own breath away from her and she's running out of air). I feel like I would do anything to get out of this position (drowning - I'd be willing to grab unto any human [male/female/whatever] just to get out of this situation).

Help me.

I think I'm, against my better intellectual judgement, drowning.

Lotsa love, Jana



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