Saturday, February 16, 2008

Your idiocy, my pain...

Dear Myself,

You fell in front of the whole class today and you know inside I was laughing at how stupid you looked lying on the ground like that. I mean you looked like an idiot frozen like that because you seemed so shocked that you were sprawled on the basketball court like that and you didn't realize that that would happen to you and haha you looked like an idiot.

Then I realized that we are one and the same person and started feeling sorry for you when I started feeling the pain your idiocy resulted in. See that blood bleeding from my hands waist and elbow? Yeah that's because you're an idiot and I know how it feels to be in your pain and I feel sorry for you and why am I talking to you when it means that I'm a much bigger idiot than yourself.

Also, there is absolutely no coherency in my update because my brain is all messed up from that time I saw and felt you fall and I could only think of the fact that you looked like an idiot.

Also I have this bad feeling that my brain is slowly going to die and I am slowly going to die because of that too and it's going to be painful. My only joy in this is that there is going to be one less idiot in the world when you die that painful death because you hit your head on the cement.

Peace be to you and to you be peace.

Lotsa love, Jana


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