Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Saddening Hurt


Dear You (Or More Specifically All of You),

It's not just sad, actually. It hurts like... something that hurts so much that you couldn't even find an expletive or exaggeration that can adequately express the hurt that you feel, especially because you thought that this person, this person whom you now can walk right past is someone whom you really cared for back in the olden days.

I guess all I'm saying at this moment is that I miss you, and that I don't like how I have to be kept on reminded that we don't talk anymore, not because we're angry with each other or some stupid thing that was one of us did, but all because we just happened to grow apart over the days, weeks, months and years that passes.

I miss you, can't you miss me too?

Lotsa love, Jana



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