Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And the answer to that is yes...

Fourth entry at home. It obviously means that I've got way too much time on my hands. Well, at least I can promise you one thing. You can always read something in my blog. Not sure if it's going to be interesting, or if you're going to make any sense out of it, but hey, at least you won't ever be asking for an update.

Anyways, I've been talking too much about my view on things. Let's talk about my life now. I mean a blog is all about a person's life, is it not?

Once upon time, there was a lady who was very much pregnant. And after a whole lot of labouring, she gave birth to a very cute little girl. Well that cute little girl grew up.... and fast forwarding through the story, she is currently eating homemade sandwiches made by her once-very-pregnant mom.

Alright, alright. Let's be serious now. What has been happening so far in my life? What has made the news in the world that is my own? Would it grab your attention? Would it make you stop and think? Well... would it?

Probably not. It's me we're talking about after all.

For past few weeks, my left upper chest, right below my neck, has been experiencing wierd spasms. It's quite painful actually, but it only lasts only for a short while. I wonder what's causing this.

I think it's because I've been skipping all kinds of meals except dinner. When it comes to dinner I truly eat to my heart's content and I usually end up falling asleep on a very full stomach.

I know there is probably no connection whatsoever to that, but they both started at around the same time. So yeah, maybe there is a connection in a way. Hmm... Well if I start eating properly, my readers of this blog will be the first to find out if it has any connections.

You know, I hate war and action movies. There is just way too much killing and way too much gun fight. My dad however loves those kinds of movies. I am so sick of the sound of gun fire.

Ok, so I've never actually experienced gun fire and would never actually want to start experiencing them ever in my life, but do I have to watch in on tv? I mean there are more meaningful shows to watch out there you know.

Like cartoons. Now cartoons are never going to get old ever. They always challenge the mind to ask questions.

Why is the world round? What is our purpose on earth? Why do people fight? Will that darn cat ever catch that mouse... and of course the most important question of all.

Should chocolate chip cookies count as a major food group in itself?

Lotsa love, Jana

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