Friday, April 07, 2006

The different faces of her...

Alright so I didn't post much up yesterday. It's because I felt a little bit out of it. I was feeling all to depressed to handle anything straight. But no one could tell! Wow, it amazes me how I'm such a good actress. I should have my own show. I mean, I'm pretty good at pretending. If I was an actress I could probably give other people a run for their money.

Anyway, since I have way too much time on my hands, I went a little nuts. I have created blog after blog. Haha. Currently, I now have five blogs. I share two of them, one is shared with Jam and the other is shared with a fellow friend that I met online who also loves to blog. I got one blog dedicated to the most important person in my life, which is Je. (Jam, I'm sorry, but I liked the idea when you told me that you were going to come up with one, that I decided that I should do one too!) Then I also have one more blog that is completely privately public, if that makes any sense. I have one that will be for the whole purpose of entering what I can't seem to say. Like the personal diaries of me, but publicly up online, except I'm not gonna be giving out the link. In fact I'm not going to be giving out the link of the one dedicated to Je as well. I don't know, I kinda want those two blogs to be between me and Je...

Why make it as a blog in the first place then? You may ask... well it's fun, I guess. Plus, I really, really like. I know you guys might thing I'm totally crazy for coming up with five blogs but as Joyce-y puts it, I love to write. Also as Des keeps showing me, I have way too much time in my hands. I love putting my thoughts into words and I think I have found my home in this place. This blog however will be my most updated blog because even though I have my moments of privacy, I still want to be an open person when it comes to blogging and all that.

So all together I have five blogs to update. Let's enumerate them shall we?

Blog number one = "Yes you've reached Jana" - The author and owner of this blog is me and only me. I share practically my life in this online blog, but there are still things that I have to keep hidden from others that know who I am. This blog also contains little odd articles that I find extremely funny and when I want share something I've read on other people's blogs.

Blog number two = "(Sorry title of this will not be revealed)" - The author and owner of this blog is me and only me. This is when I lose control and just rant of all the things that have been bothering me in my life. I am completely honest in this blog. Everything and I mean everything will be revealed. If you want to me completely, that's the blog to read. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be revealing the link to that blog. Unless, I really completely trust you. Or if I'm married to you or something. I believe that you must never have any secrets in a marriage. But luckily for me, I'm not married yet.

Blog number three = "(Sorry title of this will not be revealed)" - The author and owner of this blog is me and only me. This is dedicated to my bestfriend and the only one I trust. The one I turn to whenever I need help or trouble. This is for him.

Blog number four = ".::we lurk::." (I think that's the title for that one" - The authors of this blog is me and Jam. Since we're going to be separated quite soon, I thought maybe we should have one of our own. You know to just say something to each other and all that. To keep in contact with each other. Because it would suck if after all we went through, we would just forget about each other.

Blog number five = "(Sorry title of this will not be revealed)" (Out of respect from my friend because this is supposed to be just between the two of us) - The authors of this blog is me and a friend who I've met online who also loves to blog. We share a lot of interests together and sometimes you know, you get a lot of perspective when you talk to someone who has an outside opinion to things. Plus, it's fun with talking with someone and sharing ideas even though we're both in different continents.

So yeah there you have it. My different blog appearances. Haha, I hope I have enough time to update in all of these blogs, especially when I start school and all that.

Lotsa love, Jana

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