Sunday, April 23, 2006

I hope you choke on that song...

How about this day?

Well, today has been quite a very busy day. I mean I was out from morning until late at night. I'm still currently out as you all can see, haha. But that's alright.

Woke up with a smile, because yesterday was great as you all probably know if you read my last blog entry (the one before this.) Though, I did wake up pretty blur as I had slept late watching Salaam Namaste (I love that Indian movie. It's so funny!)

Anyway, so I woke up because my parents were asking me and my bro to wake up and get ready for, guess what? A family outing to the beach!

I for one love the beach. I know it's hot. I know the sand getting in your shoes/slippers/socks/sandals is a real pain. I know that you'll get bored easily. But c'mon, it's all worth it when you look out and see the most beautiful view ever known to mankind.

I love just staring out into the ocean. It's just so calming and peaceful. It's beautiful.

Anyways, so I was in a pretty good mood to go out to the beach. So we left the house early and after a half an hour drive to the beach, we arrived. A couple of other families from our Filipino church were there with us as well, so it was pretty good fun.

But the big fly in the ointment was this bunch of people who were quite near us. When we had arrived, they were singing. When we left, they were still singing. We arrived at nine in the morning and left at three in the afternoon and they were still singing!

Plus they were very much drunk.

Hello? They were drunk. At nine in the morning. Am I the only one seeing something wrong here? C'mon, have some common decency! I mean you're in a public place and you're drinking alcohol in the morning. It's just not right, I tell you!

Though, they did make me laugh. I mean, honestly, they sang so badly, that it was no longer bad, it was just darn funny. Funniest moment was when they started singing this song "On the wings of LAVVE!!!"

The "on the wings" part was kind of nice... but the "LAVVE" part forced the birds to migrate to back to wherever it is they went.

Yes, it was horrible.

After the beach experience was over, me and my brother and my parents separated. My bro went to the mall to hang out with Des and some other people. I went to Jam's house and my parents went home.

Today is Jam's last day before she's going back to the Philippines tomorrow morning. Which is you know quite sad now that I think about it. I'm definitely going to miss her. Which reminds me, must post something in our blog site later.

Note to self: Post something in our blog site later.

Anyways, so I went there and then Jam told me that we're going to hang out at Desmond Lim's place. Which was pretty fun. I had tons of fun at Desmond's place. It was actually a CG outing thing for Desmond's group and me and Jam we're the tag along people. Sad isn't it?

During our stay there, we had the coolest of time. We ate good food, drank good drinks. All that hooplah. We then played pictionary (my team won! Yay!) then Murderer (that was a pretty sad game as no one seemed to understand how to play it) and then Mafia. Now Mafia is really nice. I love that game.

I got to play as one of the murderers. It was good fun.

After that, we went straight back to the office and that's why I'm here. Blogging at night when I usually don't have internet connection at night.

Des' blog layout is so cute! Hehe, Benjamin and Jennifer are so adorable!!!

Now, I'm going to enjoy a good game of tumblebugs.

Lotsa love, Jana

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