Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let's take a moment to remember...

Parents are watching this sorta nice movie, Black Cloud. It's nice but it would be nicer if they acted better you know what I mean? I'm not saying that they can't act, they act better than a lot of actors that I've seen becoming famous nowadays. All I'm saying is, they can act better and they should. It's good I guess.

Ooh... guys with long straight hair are hot. Black Cloud has nice long straight black hair. Wha...? So I have a hair fetish. I've always found hair attractive. Haha. I love playing with people's hair and if I'm with someone, like in a relationship, my favourite thing to do is play with his hair. It's just the way I am.

So anyway, I can't believe Jam's leaving soon. Like real soon. Aww man, what am I going to do after that? I mean, Jam is like my best buddy. My security blanket. Haha, I can't ever really keep a secret with her around (I mean a secret with me. I keep secrets of other people...) I've always shared everything that's been going around in my life with her. I'm gonna miss her like a whole darn lot.

Aww man. I have to curb this feeling before I start getting weepy again... [Insert breathing in sounds and breathing out sounds]... Ah, consider the feeling curbed.

Weirdly enough, I don't get scolded as much as I used to by my parents. Ever since I stopped studying and started waiting for the months to pass before college/university (I'm always confused by the term. Haha.) Can't wait for that to start. I'm gonna miss everyone sure, but I'm excited for that.

I wonder, will my blog ever become a book? I doubt it. Haha, I mean who would buy that book? It's filled with a lot of ranting and a lot of random phrases here and there about other things that I've read or heard. Not at all that interesting if you ask me. I just do this to pass the time. Plus, I think I post so much, so many times in a day that people have a hard time keeping up.

Ah well, I only post when I'm in the mood for it. Or when I've got something to say. As you all know I love to write. I'm a writer at heart and always will be. But there are times when I just want to spill to the public world and stuff about a lot of things...

I have decided to share to one person and one person only the link of the blog where I'm going to be totally open and honest and all that hooplah. Because it's no fun having one thing to yourself and not sharing it. Haha. Plus I'm tired of hiding my feelings.

I bet you're all thinking now that this girl always saying she's tired of hiding her feelings, blah-blah-bitty-blah-blah. Whatever. But you see I'm good at typing it down or putting it to words. I'm good at that. Just not very good showing it physically know what I mean? So this is the best way I know how. I've got my public blog... and I've got my private-shared-with-one-person-blog.

I feel better somehow knowing that someone out there knows me and knows who truly am inside and out and not just my name and how I look like. Or how I act like. I'm glad that there is someone out there who knows that.

On another different topic... A mouse died in my room yesterday. I didn't exactly see it, as I told my parents, I refused to see the brutal murder of a mammal in my room. I know it was pest and I know my room is probably better off without the little rascal, but they didn't have to kill it.

Here's the whole story. There was a hole into the screen of my window and the mouse slipped into it and then my mom noticed the hole and fixed it, therefore trapping the mouse inside my room. It caused havoc here and there. Chewed on my brother's bag as well as other things for a couple of nights. Well my mom decided to end the whole thing. She got a trap.

More and less the mouse got trapped. It's one of those sticky traps. And both my parents didn't know how to remove the poor thing from it so... they hit it with a broom until it stopped moving. Blood was involved... or so I was told by my brother.

See the whole time I refused to take part or even look at such an event happening. I mean it's ok to trap the mouse and get it out of the house but they didn't have to kill the poor creature. It was kind of sad knowing that some warm blooded mammal was brutally hit and murdered in my room. In my room!

Haha, I know I'm weird. But whatever.

Lotsa love, Jana

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