Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lost something quite important...

Lost my pendrive. Now, I'm stuck to using a diskette to update my blog. My problem is bigger than that however, as the pendrive belongs to my brother and he needs it for his project. I want to thank Biancs for helping my brother out and lending her pendrive to him. So I'm kinda safe for the moment.

So my main plan is this, I borrow Biancz pendrive for the moment and before I go back to the Philippines my parents are going to buy me a pendrive and I'll leave that for my brother. And I'll just save up and buy another one in the Philippines for myself.

Anyway, my day has been quite an interesting one so far. I've been depressed for a while but then it's been like today, all my problems have been solved overnight. Today felt weirdly good.

The internet cafe near my place is such a nice place to go to. I used to go there like everyday quite a while before, and I got to know the people in charge there. The people there are quite nice and friendly plus, I also like Kuya there. He's funny and today he treated me to an hour of internet service. Yay!

I'm excited for this weeks celebration service. I mean though it's not going to be for this friday, it's going to be this Sunday, for easter and all that. It's gonna be a combined thing and everyone, from adults, to kids, even the chinese service. It's gonna be totally cool!

I'm starting my livejournal blog again, but instead of a blogging place, it's going to be just a place to put up all of the interesting little articles that I've read or spotted somewhere... like in newspapers or books. I'll even put up short stories of my own, if I feel like it.

If you want to check it out, the link is going to be at

Plus you guys, if you want to see the best of my site, you need to view it with IE (Internet Explorer) Mozilla doesn't really work well. I do want to edit my blog that can be viewed with both IE and Mozilla.

Lotsa love, Jana

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