Friday, April 21, 2006

No mercy, I mean it...

I was actually planning to watch Salaam Namaste again, but my Dad is having one of his moments again. You know those moments where everything I do is wrong. Everything I do is irritating. What the heck did I do to him? Absolutely nothing.

Here I am minding my own business. Using my laptop and watching Salaam Namaste with it as I type, but no. That was apparently a carnal sin to him. That's why I got a lecture on how inconsiderate I am. Am I the only one seeing anything wrong here?

Why do all these crap happen just when I'm about to leave this place for good? I'm about to leave this place and stay out of here for at least six freaking months. The least he can do is just be nice to me, right? But no. I'm the inconsiderate one. Whatever.

Now he's watching this really scary movie and now I'm going to have nightmares of riding a falling plane and dying a slow, painful death due to the cold climate. That is if I didn't already lose all the blood in my body due to my limbs being torn from my body. Owh, but it's alright. At least that rest of the others will be able to survive by eating the frozen dead meat off my bones. Oh the sweet joy.

I want to play tumblebugs but the only thing I've managed to download is the darn shortcut to it and not the game. Which is pretty darn useless for me. Once again, oh sweet joy.

Speaking of bugs, there was this one bug earlier. A really big one and it was flying around the house. It made this totally weird noises as it flew from place to place and since I was alone at the time, it really freaked me out. I tried to kill it with a broom, but I couldn't do it.

Not because I felt mercy for the dumb thing. I despise bugs. The reason why I didn't manage to get was because I was too scared to go near it and I kept trying to hit it with a broom, but I was too far away.

In the end the bug just left the house through the door that I opened. Darn evil bug. If it comes back here again, I'll be waititng with an insecticide to kill the darn thing. You have made an enemy in this house. I will not show mercy. I repeat, no mercy.

I'm quite a tired little girl. I'm feeling very drained, though maybe it's because I've only slept for like two hours during the sleepover at Biancs.

Plus, different parts of my body really aches. My neck, my back and a whole lot of other things. What I need is sleep. So I'm going to probably wrap this entry up.

Lotsa love, Jana

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