Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Our third last day together...

It's early in the morning and I have a tummyache. Ah... I need to get rid of that. I hope it goes away by the end of the day though.

Anyway, yesterday was interesting as a lot of things had occured that is worthy to talk about. First of all, Jam came to the office again today and we decided to go out. A couple of the girls wanted to treat Jam as she was leaving soon... and Jam dragged me to come along. So I came.

Before we left though, there was this moment when Jam was talking really excitedly and when Jeremy, one of our youth leaders, passed by, she suddenly became very quiet. Jeremy noticed and said "Hey Jam, you talk a lot but when I'm around you suddenly go really quiet."

Truth be told it's because me and Jam are kind of scared of Jeremy. Haha, but I'm just so much better at hiding it. Haha. It was a funny moment.

Anyway, when Angel's Dad picked us up at the office, me and Jam had to sit at the back seat of their car. And it was so quiet as everyone was in their own little world. So Jam was trying to start a conversation with me. So she asked,

"How are things?"

"Things are great." I replied.

"What things?" She asked again.

"General things are great." I replied.

To this she said... "Well, what can I say to that? AH!"

It was so shocking because the whole car was quiet at the time and she just shouted and everyone was giving us a weird look. Haha. Alright, alright, I know it's funnier if you were there, but I just wanted to record the moment, in case I forget it.

Anyway, we all went to Pizza Hut to eat there. Due to the lack of money, I only ordered and drank a milo float. Which is pretty good. Though I did eat the garlic bread that nobody else wanted to eat and a spoonful of mushroom soup.

Anyway, our conversation, between me, Jam, Diana and Steph was vey very interesting. Shared a lot of our testimonies and a lot of our plans for the future. It led to a promise that we will meet in ten years to see how we are and where we stand and all that.

Then I went back to the office to attend a meeting with a speaker. So cool. It's a three day seminar thing and I'll be attending again tonight.

On other notes, I am trying once again to edit my blog layout. Yesterday I tried and it turned out a horrible attempt. Today I'm going to try once again. Wish me the best of luck. Here goes.

Lotsa love, Jana

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