Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pinoy big brother bashing session...

Well the youth service was amazing. It was like camp all over again. It made me feel a whole lot better and I have a feeling that the anger inside of me has fallen into a deep, deep sleep. I can't feel it anymore. I know it's still there but I think it's tired or something.

Darren has so totally lost our bet! Haha, I won! Nyahaha, but I'm not that evil. He can keep his two dollars. I allow him to keep it, because I am such a good friend and I am such a nice person.

My cousin is currently watching this reality show called Pinoy Big Brother, and it isn't that nice. I mean it isn't that interesting, if you know what I mean. There is just way too much emotion flowing everywhere, so much that it doesn't seem real anymore. I have life of my own and I don't want to waste my life watching the unraveling of some other people's life.

Plus, I get turned off with all the guys getting way too darn close with the girls. It just isn't right ok?

The players are way too... how to say, emotional? I'm emotional, but they are just way too much emotional you know. Every freaking episode, every freaking minute, every freaking confrontation (and there is a lot of that), tears freaking flow everywhere. I mean, nobody cries that much. Honestly. I think they're just doing that to get attention.

Plus, if you can't say "dude" properly, with the right feeling and pronounciation, I suggest you refrain from using such words.

Haha, it is kinda funny in a way though, but I have a feeling that if you watch too much of it, your brain dulls.

Lotsa love, Jana

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