Friday, April 21, 2006

A pool would be a nice gift...

So second day of slumber party is here. I'm still here at my friends place. My hopes of having a chocolate fountain however was dashed when she told me that that will come later this evening. When I'm about to leave. Owh darn.

So what happened last night? Well this is the first time I actually attended a sleepover for the first time in my entire life. I mean I have held sleepovers in my own house, but I have never really slept over someone else's place.

Anyway, in a weird way, I had high hopes for this. Even though I was one of the only oldest people there (Haha, but Jam was the oldest, nyahaha.) But, it wasn't at all what I expected. Though I did accomplish something I've been wanting to accomplish ever since I learned how to swim.

And that is to swim really late into the night. Like really late. So yeah, that's been achieved.

Once again, I have skipped my breakfast. Ah well, I'm too lazy to go down and eat food. Plus, there is going to be a lot of food later. Might as well pig out then.

Anyway, what else happened last night? Hmm... we played the game "Murderer" and had more fun than we would have had if we played "Truth and Dare" I mean c'mon. "Truth and Dare" is like the oldest sleepover-game-thingie ever and plus, it gets boring after awhile.

One thing I've learned about fourteen-fifteen-year-old-girls, is that they scream very loud and at the slightest things. We had a moment when the electricity was cut, and owh-my-freaking-gosh, they screamed like a whole darn lot!

Was I like that when I was fourteen-fifteen? I hope not.

I had plans to stay up all night and be online the whole time with my friends computer, but my hopes were once again dashed when the computer got all messed up. So I ended up staying up all night watching a Korean movie called "My Sassy Girl"

A nice and really cool movie. It's sweet in a way.

Hmm, so that's pretty much all that happened. Yeah, man what I wouldn't give for my own swimming pool. Haha, would anyone care to give me that as a going away present? Haha.

Lotsa love, Jana

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