Thursday, April 27, 2006

Was my mom's, now it's mine...

Hmm, in eight days I will be flying off and leaving the country that I have spent ten years of my life in, to study in my own mother country. In a way I can't wait to get over with it already. But of course, I'm gonna miss my friends that I have found here. I'm gonna miss my family, who are going to stay in this place.

On a different note, my laptop has been taken away from me for the time being. Why? To be fixed that's why. So I won't be able to create blog entries at home for a while.


Ahem, now that I'm done with my death wail, it's a good thing that laptop is going to be fixed I guess, because when I get it back, it'll be as good as new and I'll be able to do more stuff in it.

Updates on how I'm going to be living in the Philippines. I'm going to be staying at my grandparents place and stay in my mom's old room. It's going to be my very own room with tv and radio and laptop! Plus, since nobody ever uses the phone over there at that place,

Everyone is just so into celphones nowadays.

Anyway, my mom promised that she's going to fix the phone line, so that I can have non-stop internet access connecting to my room. Go my mom! Haha, that means I'll be online and updating a whole lot while I'm there in the Philippines.

Another good thing about my grandparents place is that it's nearer to where Jam is living in and therefore there is a great chance we can meet a lot. Yay-ness!

Jam finally contacted me. That dork. It's about time you know. I have missed her severely ever since she left. But I'm going there too after eight days and I'll be seeing her then.

Anyways, she has updated her blog and our blog (they're both linked in my links) and so to those people who like Jam and want to know how she's been, do visit the sites.

On a another different note, the level of my love for *ahem* him is growing ever steady-ly. Haha. Everything he says, even the little things, matters to me. Plus, he's such a nice guy and he shares everything that is going on in his life with me. It makes me feel like I'm part of his life. And we do have a lot in common.

Plus he's a christian. Always very very important if anyone wants to be with me.

Also, I'm gonna get a persona-hand-made-from-someone-I-know-scarf soon. Hehe, can't wait for my scarf!

Lotsa love, Jana

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