Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What a big thing to miss...

So now what? Been at home and no internet connection that's why there was no way for me to update earlier than today. Ah well.

Let's see what it is I can look forward to. Oh yeah! We've got the Easter thing, which is going to be in the morning and that's something great to look forward to. I can't wait for that!

Other than that, nothing much really is happening. I can't believe it's April already. I mean, wow. April. In a few more weeks, I'll be out of here and on my way to Philippines. In a way of course I'd be feeling way down low and all that because I'm definitely going to miss everyone, but I'm also quite excited for the new things to come.

Look at it this way, I get to go to somewhere new and start over somewhere. It gives me the chills and excitement. Who knows what I'm gonna find there. Who knows the people that I'm gonna meet. Who knows what I'm gonna learn over there? It's just all very exciting.

Of course, I'm still going to keep my friends over here. I mean, over here has been the best thing that has happened to me ever. Really. The people that I've met, the people that I grew to love, how can I ever forget this place?

In fact, I'll be back! Definitely be back for the holidays and even when my whole family has already moved to America, I'm still coming back here. I've already made a couple of promises to people who shall forever remain nameless (ahem) that I will get married here so that they can attend my wedding.

Not that I have any intention of getting married soon. But there are some people who are quite impatient. Haha, hey just a thought, can the bestman be a girl? I mean, just a personal thought and all. Plus, can muslims attend a Christian wedding?

Anyway, I really am going to miss this country where I've stayed for more or less ten long, happy and not-so-happy years. It's been such a great blessing to have been part of all the things that I was part of here. It's just so amazing.

If I didn't live and grew up here, I may not be who I am today. I happen to like who I am you know. This country has been one of the reasons why I am who I am. I love this place! Totally and completely! It's like my home country now. I love it here. I am truly going to miss this place when I go.

Aww man. Now I'm getting kind of teary-eyed. I love you guys so much! You've been such a blessing in my life!

The PB gals, even though I haven't seen PB in like the longest time, I'm gonna miss that darn notebook. That's four years of memory, you know. I know we've said this before, but wouldn't it be great if we could turn that into a real book or if we continued it somehow till whatever? I would love to see that book on the bestseller list. Haha.

I'm going to miss the Form 5-ers of PDS Secondary School for the year 2005. Man that year has been one of the best years of my life. You guys were just so amazing to be around with. I was proud to be a student of that school. I mean we are one of a kind. You're never going to find students like us anywhere else in this country. We're just too weird and cool for that.

I'm going to miss our Debate team. We kicked butt didn't we guys? I mean, it was amazing how we got to skip classes and managed to get our tests postponed for us. It was also cool the feeling where we won our matches. It's like a high! Haha, I love the times when we were "preparing" for our matches and we never really did prepare for them. We slacked a whole lot and stuff. Haha. It's funny, isn't it? I'm glad I got to reach the championship with you guys and won! As for the Debate team now, you've got a lot to live up to, you guys better win this, understand? Go PDS Debaters! (To Debaters of 2004, do you guys remember when Teacher Morris posted this thing about Frakenstien Foods?? Haha, that was so ridiculous!)

I'm going to miss Acts 29. Man, you guys are the weirdest bunch of people I've ever met! You guys are just amazing when you show love. Plus, the passion that you showed me for Je, that was just so great. You guys have changed my view of worship. Plus, you guys were the best bunch friends to hang out with. You guys care and you're just amazing. I wonder can I still be a part of Acts 29, even when I'm living out of the country?

I'm going to miss Mile 12. Haha, you adults are just the sweetes filipinoes ever. I mean, wow. I love my titoes and titas in here. Plus, my little Sunday school children. Like Blessie and Angel. I'm gonna miss you all so much. I love it when we have a gathering at my house. Man, this people in this church, they really care. They're like family to me.

Wah~ I feel a little down now. I'm just going to miss a whole lot of people here. This place has really been a great big part of my life. I love you. You all are just so wonderful and I will never forget anyone of you.

Plus, I'll be updating my blog as much as I can because I want you to know that I'm still alive here.

Lotsa love, Jana

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