Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blow your horn...

"Turn in your spandex!" Check this out

On a different note, I think I've become darn paranoid of cars and all kinds of moving vehicles present on the roads of the great Philip of Pines [If you think that Philip of Pines was my idea, it's not. Jam was the first one who came up with it. I just really like it so much and therefore I have decided to use it a lot.]

Do you know how scary this drivers can be? Sure the traffic can be slow and annoying at times, but when you're a pedestrian it's scary because drivers don't give a care about you. They'll continue driving and if they 'accidentally' hit you, well you can be thankful if you hear an "oops" in the wind.

You know what else? I think they're forever attached to their horns. Why, how else can you explain them using them every five seconds? It's like their motto or something. Want to communicate but words seem to much to express what you want to say? Blow your horn.

Somebody cuts you? Blow your horn.

Someone too slow for you? Blow your horn.

See a friend? Blow your horn.

Want a cigarette? Blow your horn.

Almost run a pedestrian down? Blow your horn.

Yeesh. Plus, drivers these days, over here. Well they get angry easily. I have been a witness to numerous drivers get into a spat about a disagreement on the road. I once spotted two drivers of a humongous truck beating at each other with pipes. Of course they were still driving, shouting and not to forget, blowing at their horns.

My mom once said, if you knew how to drive in Philippines, then you can drive absolutely anywhere. Believe me. She's right.

Anyways, I just want to tell all the readers [or basically just anyone who stumbles upon my site and leaves after a while, never to come back again] that the Guy told his grandma about what he feels for me and he said that she approves.

Aww. I think it's good that someone in his family approves of me.

Lotsa love, Jana

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