Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cookies, cartoons and a teen...

I finally have an update that has nothing to do with the previous entries. Give me an applause ladies and gentlemen. The little thing inside my head is not just taking space after all.

Why is everyone in a hurry to grow up? I remember my old school. Ah the days of old. Let us ignore the fact that it was just a few months ago. But it could have been years. Considering all the changes that have happened in just those few months. There are definitely a change of atmosphere in the place. Too many young teenagers acting like twenty-thirty-year-olds. It can be scary whenever I take a visit at the place.

That's why I avoid going there.

I've taken a walk at the mall and I'm shocked to see a girl barely a day over ten in my opinion, getting way to close with a guy who look he just came out of diapers. I've seen students years my junior, wearing make-up on top of their faces, like a mask.

It's funny isn't it? Adults [Insert *cough*old people who want to be young wannabe's*cough* *ahem*] spends millions on liposuction and all kinds of surgery until their face is enough to scare the living daylights from children below eight, all in vain of trying to regain the youth and years they have lost.

While there are young girls, ready to throw away the trainer bras and put on bras twice their cup-size and pad them, all in the effort of growing up. Boys who want to be like men, walking around with bling-blings, trying to attract girls almost five to seven years their junior.

Am I the only one seeing something wrong here?

People want to grow up to fast and when they are actually grown up, everything takes an about turn and they fight against Father Time to regain their lost years. Ironically they wasted them, racing against the same Father Time to grow up faster.

It's sad isn't it?

As for me, hey I'm glad a teenager. Being a teenager you could do stuff that no kid can do because they were too young and no adult can be accepted to do because they're too old. It's only as a teenager that you can be trusted as an adult and can still act like a child without getting much of a punishment.

I love being a teen. It's the only time I can be immature and still be trusted.

But there are some things I miss dearly about being a child. How we're willing to believe anything. How hope is always there. How we can trust so easily. It's hard to find that when you're a teenager, even worse when you're an adult.

Plus you can always pig out on chocolate chip cookies while watching cartoons all day and people find it adorable, instead of disturbing.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Queen Sana said...

Kids see adults as having people who can make their own choices and their own decisions and not have to answer to anyone.

Adults on the other hand, miss having someone else to blame when they sod up, miss being able to take no responsibility for anything.

Ironic, eh?

7:07 PM 
Blogger jana said...

Sad is more like it. Tsk tsk...

Though that is one of the reasons why I miss being a kid...

Ah well.

4:25 PM 

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