Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I should not have eaten that before bed...

Ever have one of those mornings where in your first thought made absolutely no sense whatsoever? I would understand if my first thought was "Where the heck am I?" or some other thought that would make some sort of sense when you take into account that I've moved into a different country.

But a full out panic thought with a feeling of a life and death situation that says, "Don't swallow the birds!"?

It's like an adventure every morning.

On a different note, life in the Philip of Pines has grown quite stagnant for me. I think I've become a stuck at home person. Oh the agony of it all. Why do I hardly go out anymore? Why do I prefer to stay at home instead of going out and enjoying the rest of my youth like I did back there in Brunei?

Well in Brunei, I didn't have cable. I also had no internet access at home whenever I can get it.

Oh... I understand now. I do have the abilities of a couch potato, it was just that I was never given the chance to work on it.

I lead a sad life.

Lotsa love, Jana

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