Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm still counting...

The hundredth and fourth post.

An entry that is meant to be meaningless and all around not as important as the hundredth post. I mean it is just he fourth after I broke the hundredth post barrier. I'm not even supposed to be mentioning the fact that I've reached the hundredth and fourth post.

Ah but who cares. Not many people that I know face to face, up close and personal, that can reach the hundredth and fourth post in three months and seven days. So, quite proud of this achievement. I am one of the elect few who has reached this level in just three months and seven days.

[Insert evil lord master laugh here]

I've met a friend. A buddy who shall be helping me get around the great Philip of Pines. Nice guy. Lives near me, goes to the same church as me. Going to the same school as me, at the same level. We have almost the same interests in life. Goes by the name of Zion. Zion the Lion (Sorry Z, cannot help but pair rhyming words in new friend's name.) Yes, I feel a new best-guy-friend-material-vibe coming from him.

All in all today has been a pretty normal day. I finally told the Used To Be about my decision. I don't think he took it very well. We haven't talked since. I guess, I shouldn't have broken the news to him the day before his birthday...

Talk about bad timing. Well what was I supposed to do? Keep it in and make him think I still love him? I mean I do love him, but as a friend.

And alright, it slipped my mind that today was his birthday.

I'm sorry.

Lotsa love, Jana



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