Friday, May 26, 2006

It took that to get me here...

The hundreth post.

This post has got importance and meaning written all over it.

There was once a girl who had many blog-sites or many online journals on all corners of the internet planet. She's visited a lot blog countries, hoping to find the one where she could truly, truly, belong. And in the midst of her search, she fell in love with the blogger.

Soon her quest in this country started. She first started to look for the perfect layout design, and with the help of blogskins, she jumped from one design to another. Until one day, she said to herself, ah feck it, I want this to be personalized.

And so personalized it did become. She stuck up pictures of herself and many other people as a background. Though, in her most humble opinion, the font was way too small for her taste, she decided to stick with it and just let go and let flow.

She made a permanent home. Why for the first time, she reached her hundreth post. During her stay, she made many entries about her life. Boring as they may be, she brought joy to others and tears to some. Why some were even sent to a mental hospital due to the trauma that they have suffered... but that's a different story.

A hundred entries. All having their own weird and sometimes totally unrelated titles, which only made sense if you paid attention to the whole document of the entry.

Entries ranging from love, to pain. From joy, to tears. From simplicity, to complexity. From rats, to corn. She brought you her life, opinions, dreams, ideas, feelings on a plate and force-fed it to you whether you liked it or not.

Like a twisted cook who forces both friends and strangers, not caring as long as they were free, to eat her experiments in the kitchen, whether they tasted good or not.

Yes. That blogger by the name of Jana have reached a hundred posts in more or less three months [Who am I kidding? I know exactly how long I've been typing here. Three months and five days.]

Ah, the pride.

I've reached a hundred people!

Lotsa love, Jana



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