Monday, May 15, 2006

Mr. Ripper, can I have your autograph?...

Sitting on my ass, staring at the computer screen. Waiting patiently for inspiration to hit me. Maybe some words would fall from the sky and I would get an extremely interesting idea to talk about and therefore will cause me to be spouting ideas that are attention-catchers.

Or I could just spout constant nonsense since I'm very good at that. I'm quite proud of it too.

Ah fashion. It's such an interesting topic is, it not? Everybody has their opinion on what people should wear and how people should carry themselves. They have their own sense of style.

Yes, even you who sport the I-don't-care-what-I-look-like-style.

Being in the great Philip of Pines, I noticed that everyone is well... very fashion crazy. They follow whatever trend is cool at the moment. They wear whatever some lady or some guy they're never going to meet anyway is wearing. They spend dollar after dollar, peso after peso on trying to buy the perfect outfit, only to reject them as soon as the next trend comes around.

As for me, I sport the hey-I-just-woke-somebody-get-me-a-coke-please-style. It's such a good style. Very satisfying.

You know what else is rampant in this great country of mine? The presence of many many sickeningly, in-love, proud with PDA, couples walking around. It's enough to almost make me swear of the Guy. [Almost]

I mean, yes I'm a very romantic person but please, kissing, groping and/or touching many parts does not give me the tingles of romance. It's just begging for someone to shout "Get a room!" or if they're minors "I'm calling your parents!"

It's just quite a funny country this Philippines. I'm getting used to it I guess. From the incredible overwhelming heat to the three inches per hour movement-traffic. Why even the air so thick with pollution that you can cut it with a knife, doesn't really give me hallucinations anymore. I mean, I hardly ever see the Ripper anymore.

Lotsa love, Jana

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