Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Not knowing enough might be the cause...

I really should learn not to post more than one entry in one day, since not many people get to read my entries and therefore if I refer to a previous entry like "Owh my gosh I can't believe that rat died in my room!" people would automatically wonder what the heck is this disillusioned girl talking about?!

Now on to more important things. I just went online recently and suddenly, a friend from Brunei asked me how me and the Guy are doing.

"How's u n ur bf?" more or less in chatspeak. [Not really sure if that's what was typed, short term memory after all.]

When I proceeded to tell her that we're doing ok. In fact I even talked about how the Guy spoils me and spends a lot of money on me. [I'm so not used to being spoilt by a guy as a girlfriend so, yeah this is all very new to me. And no I do not ask for things, he just gives it to me!]

But then a few minutes later, she asks me how we're doing really, and no lies.

"Seriusly, how u n ur bf? No lies plz" more or less in chatspeak.

I'm a little taken back. So therefore to satisfy her curiosity, the Guy and me, are doing very well, though we're not exactly together, we're still doing very well.

But, that is not the topic that I want to be talking about. That is actually just the introduction to the real topic that is in my mind.

Here you can make the connection.

Friend asks about the Guy. I love the Guy, and the Guy loves me. Love. Let's talk about love.

And therefore love is the topic at hand. Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the biggest topic that everyone at least once in their lives, talked or thought about. Whoever they maybe. And that is this love.

This is my stand.

I'm in love with love. Romance is one of my many happy drugs. Want me to be happy for the rest of the day? Pop in some romance-no-matter-how-sappy-nor-mushy-movie and I would smile and think, "aww, how nice. They get back together in the end." Only in romantic based books do I enjoy cliches.

I know love is not like that in real life. But hey I watch movies and read books to get away from reality, why the heck would I want something that reminds me of real life?

Anyway, I believe in true love. I believe in commitment. I don't believe in love where it only bases on feelings, cause feelings can run dry. I believe in keeping no secrets from the one you love. I believe in smothering my boyfriend with attention and I expect to be smothered right back.

As friend once said, "If you're not clingy and or needy with someone, then you have to really asses whether you love him or her. If you love someone, then you're willing to give your all."

Not talking about sex and other things that shouldn't be asked unless you're married. I'm talking about time, commitment, your ideas, who you are.

Don't get into a deep relationship unless you're ready to get married. And it's better, always better to be friends first before getting into one.

Who really believes that knowing too much about a person can ruin a good relationship?


Lotsa love, Jana

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