Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A pink balloon floating in the sky...

Helium balloons are fun to play with. Honestly. I mean it's so cool. Me and the daughter of one of my older cousins, played for like ages with a pink helium filled ballon. She's so cute everytime she laughs, whenever she releases the balloon and I pretend to panic trying to grasp the balloon back and give it to her.

It amazes me how a little girl's laugh can totally make my day and make me feel thankful to be alive. It's amazing how there are so many things in this world that we take for granted. A child's laughter, a floating balloon, a flower from in an otherwise empty field of grass, a letter from a friend. All of the simple things that can make a person smile.

The simplicity of it all.

Sometimes I feel that we're the reason for our own depression. It's just so easy to complicate things you know. So easy to think too much until the good turns into the not so good. We're the one to blame at timess for our own misery, you know.

But when you learn how to appreciate all the good things, all the simple things in life, you learn that there are just so many things that can make a person so happy. So what if it's easy for me to laugh and forget my problems even if it was for a short while? Isn't that a good thing?

A thought, has anyone noticed that there are people who are sad because they're so used to being sad that they can't be anything else but sad? There are people out there, when they're so happy they immediately think

"Something is up. I should not be this happy. I bet something messed up is going to happen soon."

Then they start waiting for something to happen and of course in the end they always find what you're looking for. Only because they chose to look for it. It's sad.

Lotsa love, Jana

P.S. I cannot wait to start studying already. I know I'm gonna love the activities for this school. I've never been this excited for school. Haha, can you believe it?



Blogger juice said...

have u heard of those baloons where you can suck in the air and sound like a cartoon? haha some of my friends did that and it was utter fun. hope you are doing great.

7:58 PM 
Blogger Queen Sana said...


I JUST blogged about something similar!!!!


It goes BEYOND having rhyming names!!!!!

I am being random and hyper. I'm going to go before I start foaming at the mouth and scaring people.

Hugs, ROCK ON, and great post!

7:00 PM 
Blogger jana said...

to juice - why yes i have heard of them before. in fact!! i wanted to try one but my mom forbid me to. *tears*

to sana - why yes! JANA AND SANA ARE MIND CONNECTED! owh my gosh!!! Oh and don't worry, scary people are welcome in my sight. At least I know I'm not the only freak alive on this freaking planet.

Ooops... have I said too much?

8:43 PM 

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