Monday, May 29, 2006

The real person behind the blog...

I really should make an "about me" entry. You know something that will help people know who I am and all that. So yeah. I shall make this entry about that. Just all about me. So here you go, readers of my blog, or blodgers as a famous blogger that goes by the name of Wendy or as known by most Xiaxue, would like to refer to them.

By the way, she's a full time blogger. She gets paid to blog. How cool is that? I want to be able to do that. But unfortunately, I don't think I can. Just not as interesting as say, Wendy or Angelique who is also a great read.

Anyway before I completely forget the purpose of this entry.

My name is Jana Glaiza Cuello Macabali. A very long name where everyone seems to falter at the last name. I've been growing every year ever since that fateful day when the lady known as my mother gave birth to skinny baby, currently seventeen years ago, on January 24, 1989.

I was born in the great Philip of Pines and I stayed for the first seven years of my life. This was filled with many many memories that I can barely remember now. Why? Because I really don't remember my childhood. It's sad, I hope I had fun though.

I moved to Brunei and I lived there for the last ten years, until very recently I moved back to great Philip of Pines to complete my studies.

I've only been to three countries my entire life.

The great Philip of Pines, a place known for it's never ending amount of commercials every fifteen minutes, traffic where a walking old lady can actually out walk a jeep, pollution where you can actually see the smoke particles going into people's mouths and nostrils, PDA that can embarass a five-year-old-little-children, vulgarity that is used so much that the only way a person would stop swearing in the streets is if his or her throat was cut off.

Don't hate me. Give me time. I'm gonna love this place soon enough.

Brunei. The place in most of my previous entries has been referred to as "this place." A quiet and peaceful country where there is only one mall, yes it's called The Mall. A place where most people know one another and appearing on the newspaper is not much of a big deal. Here teens are rampant and most are known for trying to grow up way to darn fast.

And finally, India. Been there for only ten days and I loved it. Can't really say much but the coffee over there. Darn! You've got to love that.

I'm a Christian. I strongly believe in Jesus Christ, who I love to fondly refer to as Je. He is my best friend and He has been there for me when I felt that the whole world was not. I love Him severely and I would do anything, give up everything for him. I believe the Bible is a book filled with words that are alive and true.

Not religious, just love my Lord.

I'm random and I like making people laugh. It's an ultimate goal of mine to be able to make anybody, and everybody laugh. I would fall on the ground and roll on the floor if I know it would crack a smile. I can go from one thought to another in a matter of seconds. I have a short-term memory and an even shorter attention span.

You may disagree with me in a lot of things but you have no right to insult me or put me down. I will fight back. Believe me. I may put myself down a lot, but I am the only one who can do that.

I'm a mixture of every girl you can find. The only one not thrown into the mix was the pretty and kind and gets all the guys without trying type. I think somehow that was forgotten and behold the mixture came out as a troll. I can be boyish and have been mistaken as a tomboy interested in beating boys up and dating girls. I can be the spoilt princess type, ask the Guy. I can be quite and shy.

Yes I can! Don't give me that look. I so totally can! Well, maybe for the first few hours when we meet. But I so can do that!

I can be girly and I do love girly colours like pink, light blue and purple. And personally, I think they go really well with black. Yeah.

I've been sporting scars on both my arms, legs and on my face ever since I can remember due to a freak accident when I was seven years old. This caused me to be incredibly insecure about myself for years and years on end and still affects me a little bit. But I don't care if my scars burn your eyes, I'm proud of being the person that I am... so you can just feck off.

When I love, I love till I smother. When I hurt, I cry myself to sleep. When I want, I use guilt to get my way. I'm good at guilt.

I believe in true love and all that romantic hooplah. Except for love at first sight, because everyone knows that's just dumb.

I can say things I don't mean but I try not to. I have no problem saying I'm sorry and accepting apologies. When you become my friend, you become my friend for life. Even if you don't consider me as one anymore.

I love to put things into words and hence the reason why I blog.


Because I thought it was pretty and I liked it.

So that's why I put this in my about me entry.





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