Wednesday, May 31, 2006

She thought of being a he and decided not to...

I went out today with a male cousin from my Dad's side of the family. Once again, I was subjected to evil looks from every size of female and those not-so-female. Obviously, handsome male genes run in my family, on both sides.

Makes me wonder if I would be handsome if I was born a guy.

Today was Operation Impact at CIY, the church I've decided to attend during the next five years of my stay in the great Philip of Pines. It's a youth meeting tonight and they showed as a film of the reality of hell, what Je did for us and it was amazing.

The scene when they were crucifying Je, gosh, it was a serious tear-jerker. I kept jerking tears. It's amazing what Je had to go through for my sins. Just so very... awe-inspiring. I just got love this Man, who died for me. I mean, no one else would, but He did.

Anyway, after that took two jeep rides home, and was so tired.

Thank you to Zion for checking if I was alright when I got home. Isn't this boy just the sweetest? I am so glad I met him as a friend.

I don't think I'll be able to go online and blog as much as I do when school starts. Give me a month and I'll get right back on daily blogging. But for the time being, it shall be simple weekly thing. Oh the withdrawal symptoms.

Ah well, at least you all can catch up to all my entries...

If you're that bored.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger Queen Sana said...

Aw yeah, that's like when they screened The Passion of the Christ at Church.

We were warned to bring boxes (not those little wussy packets) of Kleenex.

And I did.

And turns out, I needed it.

2:32 PM 

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