Thursday, May 04, 2006

She wooshes and she swooshes...

My heart begs for you.

A definite heart-squisher statement.

I cannot sleep because I'm too much in deep thought about the Guy. This is exactly why I should not have drunk that last cup [ok half a bottle of soda] because I know it would cause me to be up all night thinking about things.

The Guy definitely being one of them. Honestly? He is definitely among the top five things I'm thinking of right now. Three of which are also related and connected to the Guy.

I'm a sad person, aren't I?

Except, I don't feel so sad. I'm actually quite happy due to many reasons. Once again, I don't think I need to tell you that the Guy is also pretty much part of that list too.

Yeah. I'm a sad person.

It's really late and I still cannot sleep. I know I've got to do other things besides typing words that will probably not make any sense the next day, but I don't care. I totally blame it on the caffeine that I ingested from that half a bottle of soda.

Well, I can't blame it on corn. I didn't eat any corn today.

I bet you all think I'm nuts. I can't help it. I was born like this. I will always be like this. I've tried to change, but believe me. That did not work out. I guess you all have just to accept me for who I am.

A sad, insane nut who is totally in love with Je, the Guy and chocolate chip cookies. Ooh and lots of other cute things (Why, yes, the order is relevant.)

A total and random note, but I wonder if anyone ever notices me putting my hair in a bun when I'm about to get really serious or about to get into some deep thinking or working. When I let my hair down, it's usually when I want attention.

Who knows, maybe I get attention like how the girls on a shampoo commercial get attention... by constantly flipping her hair around. [Insert wooshing swooshing sound of hair being wooshed and swooshed (lack of vocabulary) around]

Gosh, I really need some sleep, don't I? If not who knows what I'll be ranting about and owh my gosh the poor readers, I can almost hear their IQ decreasing bit by bit.

Lotsa love, Jana

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