Monday, May 22, 2006

That's not it you see...

Let's see, all the things that happened to me today can easily be put in one sentence.

All the things that I did were waking up late, ate lunch, fell asleep, went online and talked to the Guy.

Not a very long sentence one as well. I guess my life as it is right now is very stagnant and unproductive. But hey, give me a few more days and soon, school will start. I am quite excited as you all know for that. That's the only thing I look forward to in this country.

It's not that I hate the great Philip of Pines. No, that's not it. It's more of the fact that... I want to go back home. Back to the country where I grew up in. I want to go back to my freaking comfort zone. Ok? Yes that is the reason why I'm probably not going to get used to the great Philip of Pines.

On a different note, I changed my recent entries in "past" section of my blog, to my favourite entries. One that I had the most fun typing. Why? Because it is darn fun reading myself making a fool out of myself, so if you all missed that, well there you go. Since I make a fool of myself almost all the time, I have a lot under that entry.

I personally enjoyed the time when I ate too much corn.

Lotsa love, Jana

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