Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Twice and totally different...

I can't stop laughing and my sides are aching. A total indicator that I've been watching FRIENDS. Yes I'm a big fan. A very big fan ok. I demand another season or at least a movie.

Haha. That is why I can't seem to come up with things to type in this blog of mine. Heck no am I going to talk about the previous topic again. Yes, I love him and all that hooplah, but I don't want to barricade my readers [if I had any] about details filled mushy-ness.

Let's think. There has got to be something worth talking about besides him. And there is. There are lots of topics that are worthy of my attention. Like a lot of them just lying around. Just got to focus my brain a little.

I mean what's a little brain exercise, right?

I refuse to be one of the bloggers that talk about the one they like way too much and therefore be labeled as totally obsessed about the guy. I've been there before and... no!

There has got to be something to talk about right? Ah, recent happenings. Went to the office, got to cut some handouts for our youth service this Friday, which I will not be attending due to the fact that I'm leaving on Friday morning, talked about chocolate chip cookies with people, talked about cars and um... working on them, was lent FRIENDS season seven by Bernard [I love you, dude. You are the best guy-friend a girl, who doesn't have cable and calls her borrowed DVD's from people as her tv life, can ever meet], talked to Jam who went online recently, went home.

And that is my life for the day. Nothing interesting happened. Well there are a lot of interesting things that happened. I just don't want to share them. The reason being? It's about him.

Ack! I refuse. I tell you, I refuse! Plus, I don't want to scare him off.

Now a proper and deep thought coming up. I'm sure of it.

Just got to think deep. Deep thoughts. Got to think deeper into my mind.

Great now I have a headache. Will update when I actually have something else in my mind besides him. [Insert groans here]

I am so whipped. Again. Darn.

Lotsa love, Jana

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