Saturday, May 20, 2006

Two people with free texts...

Sorry for missing an update yesterday. I didn't have as much time online as I have hoped for yesterday. But hey now I have the time.

Finally, me and Jam have contacted each other through the wonderful use of cellphones and free-texts. (She's got five hundred of those and I on the other hand got seven hundred) We stayed up most of the time sending texts to each other.

On a different note, so it's been a two weeks since I've arrived in the country of my birth. My mother country. The great Philip of Pines. Just two weeks.

Why does it feel like a year?

I know it's probably normal because you know it seems longer because I'm still mising the country where I grew up in. But still.

Honestly, the only thing keeping me here is the fact that I'm excited with the things I'm going to learn. The only thing I'm looking forward to is my studies.

Oh if my highschool friends could hear me now.

Things here are so different. I know I should hold back judgement until I've stayed here longer, but I can't help it. There are just so many contradicting things here that well that I'm not used to because I grew somewhere totally different.

Like in Brunei, when I walked with my male cousin over there, I do not get any evil looks from different girls of all kinds and types of sizes. Why, I even saw a couple of guys giving me a look that clearly shows their intent of stabbing me with a pen.

In Brunei, I do not see groping, kissing, grabbing and all kinds of extreme public displays of affection (PDA). It's fecking freaky. I once saw a couple sitting under the roof of a bust stop of some sort, PDA-ing like there is no tomorrow.

A crowbar couldn't possibly remove their hands from each other.

My neighbor, she hardly ever sleeps home anymore because she sleeps with her boyfriend who already has another girlfriend. She's younger than me and it's scary.

I'm scared.

Lotsa love, Jana



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