Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Whatever gets me from here to there...

You know riding a jeepney here in the Philippines is like watching lots of mini soap operas unfold right in front of you. You step into the jeep expecting just a simple ride from point A to point B and what do you get?

A ride from point A to point B with lots of drama and comedy, not to mention mind numbing honking every five seconds.

I rode a jeep just a few days ago. It was the most dramatic couple hours of my life, ever since the mouse died in my room.

I rode it not expecting anything, certainly never expecting the two lovers suddenly grabbing at each other proclaiming there love to each other and the world. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this was a big ass example of the rampantness of PDA people over there.

Right next to them were another couple, but this time instead of proclaiming their love, they're proclaiming how much they want to stab each other with a pen. You could practically cut the hatred with a butter knife and spread it on a bread.

Interesting isn't it?

Lotsa love, Jana

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