Saturday, June 03, 2006

Be pure, because He is pure...

Be pure, not for the sake of being pure. But be pure because He is pure.

It hit my like a ton of bricks when he said that. What's the point of being pure just for the sake of being pure? What's the purpose of being pure when everyone else is not pure?

Be pure because He is pure.

I was sitting there, with this guy in front of me, asking us what is the purpose of why you are trying to be pure? So what if you have not masturbated for a very long time? So what if you have not looked at a naked picture? So what?

That's not the point you see. So what if you've stayed pure? It's a good thing to be pure, don't get me wrong. But why are you being pure for?

Because He is pure.

That's why. Because the one I love above all else is pure.

Because of all of my impurities, because of all my sins, that was why he died on that cross for me. Because I was not pure. I was not pure.

It's not the nails that held Him there, nope. This Man was the Son of God and certainly not little pieces of metal could keep Him up there on the cross. Nope, it was because He loved me so much that He decided to take my place. To take my punishment.

It was because of my impurity, that He died.

I want to be pure, because He is pure and through his blood, I am pure.

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Blogger Queen Sana said...

Thanks for this.

For awhile I've been listening to my classmates talk about contraception and 97% and blah blah blah....

Makes you wonder if you really ARE right in choosing to stick with your guns.

I know I am now.

11:21 AM 
Blogger jana said...

It's hard to be pure, everyone knows that. Everybody has struggles. But, Je, He went through it and He triumphed over it. He was the one who lived the perfect life...

And what do we do?

We have him nailed up on the cross.

Because of our impurity a Man who lived the perfect life, died.

Not because He had no choice. He had every reason in the world not to die for us. But He loves us so very much.

I'm sticking with my purity, because impurity is what caused Him to die and suffer.

I don't want to take part in any of that.

8:16 PM 

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