Saturday, June 17, 2006

I hate weekends...

It's been a week.

A week of school. Of work. Of books. Of deadlines. Of notebooks. Of constant writing.

A week of being a student has gone by and what do I say?

I have missed it. Honestly. There is just way too much things to do that you start forgetting the fact that you're not in the country that you love. That you're seperate from your immediate family... especially when you haven't been seperated from any of them for a long time. That you're seperate from all your friends, the one you love like family.

Yes, being a student with lots to do, tends to make you forget how homesick you truly are.

I dread the weekends. You know why? Because during the weekends, I have no more work to do. I can breathe easy. Unfortunately, this also gives me the dreaded free time.

Free to think.

Free to dream.

Free to be homesick.

I miss you guys.

I want to go back to school.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Queen Sana said...

Weekends are also the times you pull out all old photos and CD's and sound recordings and cry like a foo......

Because ya know what? I think those really were the best years of our lives.

I know exactly how you feel.

8:36 PM 
Blogger jana said...

week is starting soon and thank goodness for that... i have missed it. i need school to get my mind off the fact that my mom is leaving soon...

to go back to Brunei.

10:06 PM 

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