Friday, June 23, 2006

I won...?

Well, I can't believe I won something. It's my first time to join this thing over here and I actually won.

Was actually hoping on winning with something else as I didn't really think that hard with this one... but hey the fact that I won. It's still a bit of a suprise.

The little bit of brain matter left in my head still has a purpose after all.

On to more important updates.

School has been tiring. Honest to goodness, I barely have the time to breathe when I realize that I have another class coming up. What's worse is, it's always raining in this darn country. Every five seconds it rains [an exaggeration]

Since I've never been one to carry an umbrella all-the-freaking-time I have been soaked to the bone more than once.

School I guess it alright. Been busy with quizzes already. I got high scores. Quite satisfied with that. I think it's because I buried myself with work so that I don't have to think about all the stuff that I miss.

Homesickness is forgotten when you pile on top of it work after work after work that you're to busy to think about it. It works. It does.

It just sucks when you run out of things to do and you're alone to think about it.

Thanks goes to Zion, Asher, Ide, Ana, Ate Ann, Elai, Ma'am Zeny, Mother Jo, Ate Lyn-lyn, Kevin, Japeth and many many others who have been there for me.


Lotsa love, Jana



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