Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jana? Who's that?...

Internet is a big place, with lots of words and ideas from many different people. Ever been so bored that you typed your name on a search engine to see what would come up?

If you're tired of going through every long and boring bunch of words that come up or the twisted pictures that come up like the naked weirdo who does not look a thing like you, then I suggest you use the wonderful link of Googlism

Upon typing my name in it, I came up with many interesting little ideas on what my name is related to.

The List of all that Jana is...

1. Jana is looking for work

Do hire me. I really am trustworthy. Honest. I mean there was this one time I stole a cookie from the jar when my parents specifically told me not to... But the bunny made me do it! I promise the bunny made me do it!

2. Jana is most reverred in the Janarra tradition of Italy

It is a tradition that has been passed on for centuries where everyone in a little town in Italy would stay up and bring little pieces of candies to the fairy of Janarra of Italy, while continually chanting, "Oh great fairy, please give turn all potatoes into candies this year."

3. Jana is the major goddess of the country of Janarra

"Bow to me you weak mortals! Be kind and tell me I'm funny or I will turn you into potatoes and devour you like candies." The sound of the goddess can be heard occasionally when she needs to make her presence known to the country of Janarra.

4. Jana is awesome

What can I say? That just says it all. No further comment.

5. Jana has put on a suit of padded leather armor and wears a full helm and has taken a longsword to fight with a dagger.

Only goes to show that I can kick ass.

6. Jana is a closed shareholding company of US$80 million capital

So does this mean I'm worth all that much money? So can I just trade in myself and get all that cash to buy a new laptop, among other things?

7. Jana is heel veel een

Wha-? What am I?

8. Jana is a proxy server providing internet access via a single modem.

I'm so technical and fast, you don't know what you're doing if you're not using me as a server. I rarely ever cause you're computer to hang.

9. Jana is a vision

That can be used to scare even the bravest of hearts. Use it wisely.

10. Jana is on

Not off.

11. Jana is 100% correct

You read that? I am a 100% correct. Therfore please refer to number 3 to see how you should treat the goddess of Janarra.

12. Jana is the faithful wife of Pastor Chris Otorubio

I'm married! To a Pastor!

13. Jana is able to provide this services in strict confidence

And what service are those that I provide? Sorry they are strictly confidential.

14. Jana is therefore a symbol

A symbol that represents hope, peace, bananas, corns and of course, potatoes-turned-into-candies.

15. Jana is tall

I am.

16. Jana is the president of Pacific Northwest Legal Assistants

President and goddess. How cool am I?!

17. Jana is what most people would call a model student

Haha. How untrue is that?

18. Jana is the 449th most popular female name in the United States

Well, at least I'm not the 450th most popular... That has got be something right?

19. Jana is known for her fascination with collecting stuffed wombat toys and her nicknames are guarma and sticks.

Call me Guarma only if you can tell me what the heck that means...

20. Jana is an outstanding missionary

Not yet in my case, but I will be. Mark my words. I will be.

Lotsa love, Jana



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