Sunday, June 11, 2006

See, I'm committed...

I know I said that I probably won't be updating today due to near collapsing-ness-effect of a whole day in church. But I couldn't help it.

The blogger in me would not allow such impudence on my part by leaving my precious readers [Readers? Do I still have those?] with a pathetic lack of entry while I sleep after a hard and exhausting day of work at church.

No such impudence from me.

Anyway, today has been obviously spent at church and tomorrow I once again leave for school. I'll be back on either Friday or Saturday. Not really sure when.

Leaving either in Zi's car [Yay!] or we're going to commute tomorrow [that means taking a bus and travelling for two hours] at three in the afternoon. Do pray for me as I'm still nervous about all the things that I will have to face and the all the things that I will have to do in that school.

Speaking of Zi, he was acting a little bit weird last Friday to Sunday afternoon. And yes, there have been rumours flying about as to the reasons why.

Some say it's because he was sick.

Some say it was because of a broken heart.

Personally I think it's because he spent way too much time in my company and that somehow had a violent reaction with his emotional system.

I get that alot.

Anyways, Belated Happy Birthday to Zem-Zem! Miss you tons.

Lotsa love, Jana



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