Friday, June 23, 2006

Value of this story: Bring an umbrella...

The bell rang, indicating that the class was over.

Finally, she could head back to her room, dump all of her things and go straight to her favourite quiet place right in front of the dorm building.

Then she noticed the heavy rain pouring right outside the Academic Building. She looked around, not sure what to do. She didn't mind getting wet, but she couldn't afford to get her things wet. Assignments and requirements could not get wet.

She tried to search vainly for an umbrella, but she forgot hers in the dorm, as she was not accustomed to bringing it with her everywhere she went.

She looked around but, no one was offering her to share their umbrella. Guys paired off with girls and girls paired off with guys. Friends paired off with friends.

Till finally, she was left standing there. Alone.

Rain continued to pour.

Carefully tucking her things inside her bag, to ensure that it would not get wet, she had no choice but to run out on her own.

When she reached the dorm, people gave her remarks about how she was so wet, and how she was going to get sick because of being soaked in the rain.

And all she could think about was, "I had no one to pair off with you see. No one offered to shade me under their umbrella."

Yet she remained silent and gave a smile, as if it didn't matter to her.

She puts down her things and quickly changes clothes. After changing to her comfortable jeans and over-worn-shirt, she takes her usual steps to the place where she usually hangs out.

The quiet place under the shade. She put the headset of a borrowed I-pod and listened as the music pulsed loudly in her ears.

Yet, she can't hear a word from it. It was just something loud so that she wouldn't have to hear anything else. So that she wouldn't hear the laughter of the people around her. So that she wouldn't hear the steps of numerous people walking together.

Her phone vibrated indicating that she was recieving messages from friends from back home and she couldn't help it.

She just had to cry.

Swiftly taking her glasses from her eyes, she let the tears flow and wiped them as soon as they fell. Just because she couldn't help it, doesn't mean everyone else can see her sad.

No she had to keep up with the expectations of people. She had to remain happy. For the sake of her own sanity.

So if anybody asks why her eyes are puffy and red, she got something in her eye.

Or she had an allergic reaction.

Whatever she feels like telling people.

Lotsa love, Jana

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