Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a dober-oodle!...

Before anything. A picture to inspire your imaginations.

Now. That's a real doberman-turned-poodle. I stole it from someone's blog and decided to use it to grab the attention of any passers-by. If there be any.

Now onto the topic at hand.

I seem to be getting a little well... off when it comes to the things that I want to talk about. I mean I've got a million and one ideas but they never seem to come out right.

Never seems to work out.

Maybe it's because parent's day at our school is coming and the numerous attempt of people asking me when my parent's are going to come and how they're so excited to meet my parents.

And I always have to say.

"They're freaking not in the country. They're in Brunei and I wish you would all stop asking if my parents are coming because depressing. I mean you all have your parents coming and they're going to see your room and the campus and all the happy places that you've been hanging out there."

Ok. So no. I don't exactly say that.

"They're not in the country."

Is more exact.

I guess I'm forced to spend the time with my Burmese classmate. I hope I don't run out of simple understandable English words to use that won't cause my friend's brain to jump of a cliff.

I still want to learn Burma-language you know.

I really need some IQ lowering sort of of whatever.

Lotsa love, Jana



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