Friday, August 18, 2006

The language of Kamisote...

You know those moments when you're struck with something cool and you can't wait to sit down and type about and and and when you finally do...

You forget all about it.

And you waste your time, trying to come up with something so much better than the funny thought you came up with earlier only to fail and your left with an empty screen and wasted hours of typing and deleting and typing and deleting.

And typing and deleting.

It can get quite annoying.

A flash of inspiration!

Sometimes I admire those foreign blog. [And totally random at that!]

I mean, they're not ashamed to type and talk about their lives with their own language. They're proud of their mother tongue.

But sometimes, I wonder, what if you know, someone was just so bored that they decided to typed a bunch of gibberish on screen and made it appear foreign.

Like so.

Metad iya ko nesa. Iyasade kaineh mataso. Ona pota sine. Shiyeh so da kanin. Imote ayo ida iya so da ku imosabe. Kano kano! Iya ko no mo nesa.

Behold a paragraph of crap trying to appear as a foreign blog entry.

It's unlikely, but not impossible right?

Kano kano! [Bye bye!]

Iya ko no mesa. [Have fun with your life.]

Sonedea oma, Jana [Lotsa love, Jana]



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