Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Radioactive pores...

So I'm sitting in front of the computer.

Trying to come up with interesting topics to blog about, but once again it seemed that I have lost that ability, if I ever had it that is.

I mean, it's not as if nothing has been happening. In fact a lot happened today.

Three individual people have commented that I look... well different today.

Exact words would be "blooming"

First thought would be I had flowers growing all over my face [blooming, flowers... get it? C'mon, at least pretend it's funny.]

But obviously they were talking about something totally different.

They said I had rosy-er cheeks.

I had the urge in me to tell them, it's the radioactive gunk that naturally comes out of my pores. Don't worry, I'm immune to it.

But, they were being serious.

Seriously serious.

Lotsa love, Jana


I have lost it.

I have lost the ability to entertain people.



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