Friday, September 01, 2006

Pride of Philip of Pines...

There are times when I'm cringe and wince in pain at the reminder that I'm a filipino.

I'm sorry. I just do. It's not that I'm ashamed [maybe a little bit, but c'mon. I didn't technichally grow up as one ok] it's more of, wishing that we start acting more... acceptable?

Anyways, having said that, today, most of my bus ride home was spent appreciating and becoming extremely proud that I was born a filipino.

I mean sure, filipinos are a weird bunch, always the-too-busy-with-fashion-and-cliques-and-style-and-what's-in-and-trying-to-become-like-ze-white-people-overseas-andoh-my-gosh-if-you've-ever-dated-a-guy-or-girl-that-is-not-Asian-you-are-so-cool.


But in spite of that, we're a pretty talented bunch of group.

I mean we are definitely music inclined. Most filipinos can express themselves with the help of music. Some can sing, some can play an instrument, some dance to it and some can even write songs and melodies. It's rare to meet a filipino that can't do anything musical.


I'm rare!

I'm the anti-filipino.

Moving on.

We are also quite the creative and imaginative type. Proof of this comes from the millions and millions and so-many-freaking-millions of accumulated commercials that usually take place of normal television shows. I mean they're always interesting and funny, though they border on annoying when all you want to do is watch a show that takes only thirty minutes and these-darn-commercials take as long as the whole show when put together.


We're a cool bunch. I guess, it's fun being a filipino. I mean sure, I don't exactly consider myself as a pure bred filipino though I was born one but never really raised as one.

Guess what I'm trying to say is, at that bus ride, I swelled with pride. It's not so bad being here in the Philippines. It's not so bad, being a filipino.

Then somehow I was seated in between filipino-girls-that-talk-about-their-crushes-like-he-had-a-crush-on-me-so-I-thought-why-not-then-I-met-someone-else-and-I-am-so-marrying-this-guy-even-though-I-only-saw-him-like-yesterday-we-are-so-meant-to-be.

After that, I proud to be a filipino just a tad less.

Lotsa love, Jana

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