Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Proud of my rare-ness...

I just realized how rare it is for someone to be a virgin, especially in the Philip of Pines.

I have to admit, it's cool being rare, but it's also kind of depressing. Not depressing that I'm still a virgin. I'm actually proud of that. But... depressing that there aren't that much people anymore out there who is... well proud of it.

Usually, there are three reasons most people give for having that status in life.

Reasons for being a virgin
1. You're bum-ugly. Case example: Me.
2. You're a prude. Case example: Me.
3. [Oh heaven forbid!] You're both. Case example: Yep that's me again.

I thank heaven for mutated looks, therefore having no chance to be tempted to have sex with any guy. My mutation-beyon-human-recognition is actually a blessing to me.

And so what if I lack in the pretty area? At least I'm smarter than you and I know what equilibrium means.

I may be considered a prude, but if deciding that I only want to have sex with the guy I have already married and no one else, can immediately count as a prude.

Then-by-golly-gosh! I am a prude!

I honestly don't mind being a virgin and if I have to wait for years until I lose it, I will. As long as I lose it to the one that really matters and...

Heck yeah he has to marry me first!

Reasons why I am a virgin
1. I'm a rare creature. And somewhere someone once said, that the rare-er something is, the more value-er it is. However, I bet with my use of vocabulary, my value is decreasing at a fast rate.
2. I read and follow the Bible. 'Nuff said.
3. It seems more romantic to be married to the one you lose it to. And believe me. It truly is.

Prude and ugly bum, signing out.

Lotsa love, Jana

Lotsa love, Jana



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