Saturday, October 14, 2006

Captivated by their hands...

Holding hands.

I was riding the jeep today and I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Being in the Philip of Pines, you tend to see a whole lot of public displays of affection to the point that if I were to get a cent for every PDA action that I come across with, I would be a millioner in two days.

Ok, I'm exaggerating.

Maybe I'm a thousander.

Alright, alright.

Hundreder and I'm not going any lower than that.

Anyway, having said that, I saw the sweetest thing though.

A couple holding hands. They weren't doing much but holding hands and somehow when I saw them, I had no urge to pacify them with a stun gun and tag them for further observation.

Why the difference?

They could pass off as my grandparents.

Backs bent, and wrinkled faces. Heads up, they continued to walk down that street. Together.

They weren't making any kissy faces or smoochy sounds like most couples. They weren't even looking at each other. The only indication of any romantic involvement were their hands.

Hands melded together, supporting each other, holding on to one another.

For me, at least I can depend on the fact that in the face of pathetic amounts of break-up and divorces and annulments, it's refreshing to know that some couples do last.

That they do mean to spend the rest of their lives together till death do them part. That they mean every vow of forever that they say on their wedding day.

They mean it when they say "I do."

I guess what I'm trying to express in so many words is this.

I want that.

Lotsa love, Jana


Alright I know you all saw that tiny spelling mistake over there.



Sana was quick enough to point that out for me. Now, I would try my best to pretend that mistake never happened.

Because I take pride in my English eloquence.

Unfortunately, the overdose on chocolate somehow lowered my brain cells further down the ditch it has been reported to be spending too much of it's time in.

My English is all I have.

Somebody grab me a knife before I talk like a hyper razed gangsta' and start talking L33t.

7!3< 50. [Like so.]

0h 905h. [Oh gosh.]

$h00+ /\/\3h. [Shoot me.]

I think I just went through withdrawal symptoms.

The lack of proper english words and grammar, it's too much to take. I don't think I can handle it. Anymore of this I'd take my own life.

I'd jump of a cliff.

Though knowing my luck I'd probably get caught on stray branch by the side of said cliff and hang there till someone rescues me.

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Blogger Queen Sana said...

Jana!! Oh, ouch!!!

MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!! (What's a Millioner?!)

3:56 PM 
Blogger jana said...


All grammar and spelling mistakes are there for a reason.


They're their to test the IQ level of every reader...

Having said that...

*swiftly changes the mistake*

4:04 PM 
Blogger nevins manafe said...

hi janna,

this is one good story!
u knw why i know that u have a long distance relationship?
its because i have one my self.. thats why its easy to guess, coz im feeling the same way each time i look on sweet moments i just cant take it but 2 sms my Gf or call her... or even miss call... hahahha.

8:38 PM 
Blogger jana said...

She's in the philippines?

Out of the blue question you know... Hehe.

1:04 PM 

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