Monday, October 09, 2006


Sometimes when people ask me for advice, my brain stops and every good advice that I could ever come up with plays hide-and-seek and I'm stuck there eyes-closed, unable to count past the number orange.

I freeze up.

Then when they don't need it anymore, those advices decide to be nice and tell me that orange isn't a number.

Or sometimes when they do arrive on time, they're usually the incredibly lame ones that do not deserve to be repeated ever again.

But because I'm a kind person who gives second chances to those who do not deserve it, here.

This advice was given to a young man who was contemplating whether to tell the one he loves that he loves her or keep it to himself till his dying breath.

I believe that those advices that decide to come out on time while I'm counting 1-2-3-orange-apple, should be shot on sight and buried whether dead or alive.

Though I have to admit,

That was funny.

Lotsa love, Jana



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