Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Straight, I tell you...

There are two kinds of lesbians in this country.

The first kind are the really pretty and girly that you would never ever suspect to be a lesbian until you actually see her french-kissing another lesbian.

[Related issue, why do they call it french-kissing? Was France the only country doing it at first? And on another issue, why french fries? I'm pretty sure those weren't from France, so why the name?

And back to current topic.]

Usually that's the type that you see arm in arm with the second type which is the more popular and easily distinguished as a lesbian when compared with the straights than the first type.

You know, the I-kick-ass-in-sport-and-wrap-my-chest-with-bandages-to-make-it-smaller-I-cut-my-hair-like-a-guy-talk-like-a-guy-and-heck-I-can-even-make-straight-girls-fall-for-me-because-I-look-like-a-guy.

Somehow, word has been going around that I, Jana Glaiza Cuello Macabali, falls under the second category.

Oh for the love of pecking ducks and flying squirrels.

What the heck?

I am straight!

So, I like wearing loose shirts and loss pants and I hang around guys a lot.


I am a girl. A straight girl. I wear skirts, I put on perfume, I have an unexplainable attachment to pink, I love someone called the Guy - geddit, the Guy, which totally denotes a male? I wear earrings.

I would have said that I cried during Titanic, but I've never watched it.

But I bet I would have if I did.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger shock said...

... Yeah, I know for a damn sure fact you're straight. Straight as... Well, me. Haha. *ahem* Now, how exactly did this rumor start? And believe me, I've gotten the "homo" label a considerable amount too you know... :(

4:44 AM 

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