Saturday, November 18, 2006

Did we just...?

How many times have I started an entry with,

"I'm sitting here staring at the computer, thinking of something to write, but ultimately coming up with nothing to talk about."

So I thought I'd do something different, say it in such a way that it totally expresses that feeling but in a new and innovative way.

Oh, with the computer staring in my face, thoughts refuse to enter my mind. I want to type individual letters that may express whatever I want to say but yet my fingers refuse to type. Refuse to type intelligent words, but instead are filled with nonsense. Oh the pain, the hurt.

The Guy and I got into a mini-weird-thing-not-sure-if-it-was-even-a-fight-kinda-thing.

Said something about me deserving someone better or something like that.


Like anyone would ever even like me like he does.

Lotsa love, Jana


A lame entry I know.

But I was rushed.

Art cannot be rushed or you get piles of crap.

Like this.

Oh the crappiness.

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