Sunday, November 12, 2006

The growth...

My parents contacted me recently.

I'm going back to Brunei!!!!! To celebrate my 18th Birthday!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!

Hence the many exclamation marks. In fact I think I've used so much exclamation marks that if there was a land exclamation marks, I would be Criminal #1 for kidnapping many marks of line with dots. I bet they're many little line-dotted families crying and praying, waiting for me to make that ransom call, willing to pay millions for their line-dotted children.

But they don't know that they've all been frozen for posterity and displayed for viewing pleasure.

Oh the evil that is my own. [Insert Evil Laughter]


[Now little dotted families are crying for the disappearance.]

I can't wait to go back home. My real home. Wow. You know what else I can't believe? I'm turning 18 soon. I'm growing up. I'm gonna be legal in a very short while!

Ok so maybe not so soon, more like 2 months.

But I'm gonna be 18! Eighteen!

(Using letters and bolding it gives a great effect, does it not?)

But just because I'm turning eighteen doesn't mean I have to act any different right? I mean, yes, I'm growing up and yes, I'm maturing in some ways, but that doesn't mean I have to act less crazier than I truly am.

Just because I'm legal doesn't mean I have to act like a stuck up, serious, can't-ever-have-fun-at-all-yeesh. Just because I found the joy having soft pretty hair doesn't mean I have to spend millions of money for those perfect hair products. Just because I wear a skirt and like the way this certain pink shirt look on my upper-body doesn't mean I'm willing to spend hours and hours going shopping for that perfect outfit when I could buy a book or a CD.

Just because I'm eighteen it doesn't mean that I'll have to "grow up" because I don't want to "grow up" and lose all sense crazy-ness that though has made people look at me like-I'm-such-a-weirdo-and-why-the-heck-should-I-care-if-you-think-I'm-weird-I'm-never-gonna-see-you-again-anyway-and-at-least-I'm-having-fun-here-lady!-look.

But I'm still excited to go back to Brunei and see my family... and turn eighteen.

Probably not going to feel any different.

But heck, I'm gonna be eighteen!

Lotsa love, Jana



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